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Everything you Need

We are Architecture and Interior Design consultant. We provide you certain services from conceptual design to styling interior for your house or commercial area such as office, restaurant, etc. We will take care your project from beginning until finished.

Minimalist Staircase

Conceptual Design

Aesthetically Creative

We start form your problem and needs, And then we try to help you to solve through our design, yet aesthetically. Our concept will always give a connection between the nature, space and human. It should be done by space exploration, material detail and the function it self.

Full Package

To Make sure, All is planed well.

We do plan for your project, it starts from concept, layouting, designing, scheduling, prepare for tender, supervision and in the end is styling. its our Job that make the design comes alive as we dream it!

Urban Architecture Model
Architect hold plans


Keep it on track in the right way!

Approval Client is another challenge for designer to make it come true. To make sure the design would be the same as built. Therefore, our services is included to do site visit annually to make sure the contractor do it in the right way. This phase needs collaboration and coordination skill with any third party in that project.

Styling Interior

Finishing Touch!

After all step done, space is ready to use, there is more little step to finish, it is styling. Styling to make the space alive, to make it welcoming, to make it warm and cozy as your personal space. It also make the ambiance happen as we designed in the first step.

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The Answers You Need

Do you do build as your service?

Have a thought about it, but unfortunately at this moment we don't do build. Some of special cases, we ask our colleague as contractor or builder to do the project. But of course in different contract.

Is your service should be in one package?

We are flexible in terms of work. It is depends on your needs, as long as we can help you and you need our help to make up your space, We will do it in pleasure!

How much is your design fee or other services?

As we know most of the design studio use a rate based on meter square, We also calculate based on the area. for more detail, please do not hesitate to contact us! we will give you the detail and the quotation. Cheers!

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